What’s our mission, Captain?

Understand our mission and our vision on how we want to change mind sets about investing but also enhance the financial profession as well as be at the front of an ever-changing world and become your adviser for life.


Holistic financial planning

The word holistic captures perfectly how we intend to achieve Financial Planning. We want to unequivocally bring added value at any stage of your financial life to help you reach your goals with a living blueprint from the start of your journey.

The Human Factor

The firm Herbert & Webster is regulated and directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, providing Independent Financial Advice. What sets us apart is our Team, the humans and the culture within the firm.


It’s simple! We are independent

We advise by looking at the whole market and it is important to clarify that we work for you, our client and not a product provider. Our financial planning is solely based on you, your situation and your goals, no other agenda. Check us out on the FCA register.

How do we meet?

We are based at the Oxford Science Park and also have access to the Regus office network so we are able to facilitate meetings at our office or a business space near you but also your place of work, your home, whichever works best for you. We are happy to use technology too such as video calls. We aim to be as flexible as possible although a meeting at our office comes with Biscuits!


The advice process

To honour what we intend to deliver, we have a robust process in place and so have created a document to describe how we work and what can be expected from our first meeting to becoming a client.


In everything we do, we want to be as categorically transparent as possible. To this end, we have even published our full client agreement on this website which includes our fee tariff. We understand that discussing charges can be delicate so we make sure we are clear and transparent.


How can we promise such a great service and ensure a small team can deliver it?

We have invested and continue to invest heavily in technology. In this modern age, technology allows us to create great scalability. It helps us select secure independent tools to remain best informed in a fast-changing world.

Indeed, technologic tools enable us to constantly review the markets products, providers, investment solutions and financial legislation. Gone are the days of a dark industry for us and for you!

CIP?.. What is that?

Centralised Investment Proposition, this is the backbone of our investment solutions and every investment decision we make for you, our client. We are proud to be independent so we have elected an unbiased partner, Financial Express to power the process, they are the industry leading investment ratings and research agency.


What crystal ball do we use to plan for your future and achieve your goals?

No one knows what the future holds, but we all must at some point consider our financial situation and plan for the future. From this, certain financial goals will form to establish how much you can save and spend. This is where we come in. We use our knowledge, experience, and financial tools to build a living blue print for you to meet these goals, ensure they are realistic and also allow for life variances because they do happen. With regular reviews, we can make sure that life changing events such as career moves, house purchase, a child or a parent needing care can be incorporated in your financial and protection planning.

The PFP App

We’ve all tried to create an excel spreadsheet that captures all our financial data and keep it updated so we know where we stand and for some of us, they have lasted as long as a New Year’s Resolution… Great news! Our portal automatically keeps an up-to-date record of all your transactions under one roof which helps to track your affairs and budget and therefore the progress towards your goal. A few added features we love are secure email and a document vault…


Your adviser

Your Adviser works with you and makes sure they understand you, your situation, your needs and your goals. By comprehending your full financial picture, we will be able to build the right financial plan for you but also quickly adapt to your life changes such as a new born, a career move, a house purchase, retirement, etc.. and assist you with the next steps and perhaps the right specialists.

We know our limits

So we’re clear: We’re not qualified to write a Will or to fill in your Tax Return.                                                                        

We identify when specific expertise needs to be brought into the picture and we make that link. We have an approved list of 3rd party professionals such as Accountants, Solicitors and Mortgage Advisers and are always keen to have round table open meeting. Overall, it benefits you and therefore us which that is why we are happy to contribute towards the added cost as per our T&Cs.